1.- What is "EmojisTwitter"?

"EmojisTwitter" is a simple web tool that makes easy for you to publish emoticons and emojis directly to your Twitter account or any social network.

2.- How it works?

Choose the emoji you want to add and compose your Tweet.


You can select the emoji from the tables or use the search box.


If you make a mistake you can delete the entire contents of the message with the "DELETE" button.


When you have your message ready, press "Tweet" to send it to Twitter.

YourMemoPad YourMemoPad

If you prefer, you can copy your message and paste it wherever you want, in any social network or text using the "COPY" button.


Emojis that you use frequently will be stored in the first tab, to delete them, press the "Reset" button.

3.- How much cost?

Nothing. The use of "Emojis for Twitter" is completely free. If you want to collaborate, visit the websites of our sponsors and advertisers or use the button:

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4.- Do I need to register?

No. You just have to be logged in to your Twitter account to send the Tweets.

5.- Are my data stored?

No. We never have access to your Twitter data, your account content or any personal information. Otherwise, we use Adsense and Blogger, as reflected in our Privacy Policy, as well as local storage and cookies to store your preferences.

6.- How can I install the Chrome APP?

Simply visit the Chrome Web Store at the following link:

7.- Who is behind of all this?

All this is an idea perpetrated by Iván Rodríguez, (AKA @TwittBoy)

For more information visit the contact area.

8.- How can I advertise?

To advertise on "Emojis for Twitter" you can request information through the contact form.


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